About Patrik

Patrik Korinok is a Slovak composer of contemporary classical music. He combines contemporary classical music with elements of minimalism and motifs strongly inspired by nature. His debut Silene Stenophylla was ranked among the best albums of 2014 on Beehy.pe and Arcticdrones. Pravda introduced On The Way To Antarctica (2016) with the headline: This is what pretty music sounds like. Two years later, he released Natura Resonat on Deadred Records. As musicserver.cz writes: "It is an intense confession about the state of nature, its echoes in us and its fluttering moods." On his latest record, Záznamy ticha, he turns for the first time to the inner man, to the problem of information smog, to the natural need for silence in the contemporary context after years of searching for archetypes in nature or experimenting with sacred sound. He uses silence as a full part of the composition on the recording, as well as during the concert version.