About Patrik

Patrik Korinok is a Slovak composer and a musician. His musical beginnings were rooted in indie-folk music and songwriting. He gained experience in 2009 and 2011 when he recorded two singles in this genre in collaboration with producer Brandon Paddock (Panic! at the Disco, Avril Lavigne, Christina Perri) and producer Joshua Gleave in Covenant Studio (MO, USA). Gradually, however, he became more interested in the world of strings and piano, which led to his first neoclassical debut - Silene Stenophylla (2014). From this point, Patrik began to profile himself as a contemporary classical composer and on the labels Deadred Records (Slovakia) and Starcastic Records (Czech Republic), he released three more albums (On the way to Antarctica 2016, Natura Resonat 2018, Záznamy ticha 2021), as well as several singles and collaborations with various artists (musician Ivana Mer, dark bass'n'drum core band Ničiteľ). 

These records received positive reviews from domestic and international music portals and editors. His music was nominated for the Radio_Head Awards in the Album of the Year category. Patrik has performed extensively with a string quartet, and his music has been featured at many festivals in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, as well as on Slovak television and radio.

Patrik also collaborates in the scenic field, composing music for films, radio plays, and theater. In 2022, the play "Turn the Horses (The Death of Jozef Chovanec)" by director Ján Mikuš won an award for music at the NEW DRAMA festival, which Patrik composed and performed live during the performances. In 2022, he began working on an extensive piece exclusively for a string orchestra. The work "Rogue Wave" was recorded in the spring of 2024 by the 30-member orchestra of the National Theatre Opera in Košice, Slovakia.