2021 (Deadred Records / Starcastic)

12-inch black vinyl, Digital

On his latest record, Záznamy ticha, he turns for the first time to the inner man, to the problem of information smog, to the natural need for silence in the contemporary context after years of searching for archetypes in nature or experimenting with sacred sound. He uses silence as a full part of the composition on the recording, as well as during the concert version.  


2018 (Deadred Records / Starcastic)

12-inch creamy transparent vinyl, Digital

Natura Resonat is the current culmination of a music cycle lasting since 2014, in which I tried to express my relationship with nature. From the first album, I tried to free the compositions from superfluous elements and thus move closer to the purest, minimalist form, which could serve my goal with dignity: to create a reaction to the tracks, imprints of the creator in nature, to perceive pure life without any artificial impurities. It was this effort that naturally led me to sacral minimalism and other, traditional forms of classical music, which I was inspired by. These forms are pure, they do not need technical innovation or experimentation, their strength is in their simplicity and in living, urgent sincerity.


2016 (Deadred Records / Starcastic)

CD, Digital

During the creation of album, I was looking for a connection between metaphysical principles and the absurdity of everyday life, which often shows more truth than any philosophical direction.Sometimes you can see the beauty and some strange kind of depth in ordinary or absurd things. These hidden principles emerge unexpectedly, mostly only for a short time. My desire was to capture them in their natural form and convert them into music, which is able to reproduce those feelings over again. 


2014 (Self-release)

CD, Digital

With my eyes on nature and elements of minimalism, I made a decision. I named it Silene stenophylla.